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The Golden Retrievers take the lead over the Border Collies when it comes mud but they know how to relax and enjoy all the comforts of home and hearth

Most of the time the our Golden Retreivers just -
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opt for runs, fun, mud, games - and someone else's bed !

We pride ourselves on producing healthy, calm and very typical golden retrievers of the "old fashioned" type, we don't chase after the latest vogue in "designer goldens" nor do we breed from dogs that we feel do not reflect the true type and temperament of the breed. As a result we have established a line of sound, attractive, sociable and companionable golden retrievers who are are a credit to us and to their owners.

Good natured sharing is part of life with nice dogs

From here you can link to all our Golden Retriever specific information, you can meet our happy family of very spoilt Goldens, read up on the breed standard, the official description of the perfect Golden Retriever, other countries may have slightly different standards but this is the British standard because the Golden Retriever is a British dog. And last but not least you can send e-postcards to all your friends with pictures of our dogs and puppies and a choice of music and messages - courtesy of Mastamariner.

If you are looking for a puppy please remember that although we occasionally have puppies available we are very fussy about the homes in which our babies go to live, so if you are seeking a puppy please read our puppy conditions and advice carefully.


Murprila Magic moments of Mastamariner)

  Our very, gentle and laid back elder who seldom puts herself out too much - except to keep the fields free of pigeons and rabbits. Magic is the mother of our exceptionally good natured, Severus and his gorgeous half sister - Pagan as well as the mother of generations who share our home and her incomaparble temperament.
(Mastamariner Mary Rose)

  Isis' sister, happy, affectionate and just naughty enough to be nice, a true Golden girl with superb conformation and a wonderful temperament. Daisy is the mother of Dusty and many of our far flung children.
(Mastamariner Gullviva)

Golden Retriever Isis   Very beautiful, very willing and very tolerant of naughty little border collies. So typical of the best of the breed that is so seldom seen these days, Isis has shared her many qualities with her son - Captain and his lovable half sister Thamesis, she may not be perfect but she is as close as it gets (and her son Captain IS perfect!).
(Mastamariner Sea Harrier

  Our very pretty and sweet natured pale lady , Jet helps with everything and everything takes twice as long when Jet helps! Jet is the mother of Sonar and Luna who have inherited her generosity and grace, puppies are Jet's raison d'être - any puppies, she loves and tends them all.
Mastamariner Red Duster

  Dusty , a grand daughter to Primrose and a daughter to Daisy. Full of charm and grace, a worker, pet and wonderful companion. Dusty is in charge of hunting and small animal extermination.
Mastamariner's Navigator

Golden Retriever Sonar   Jet and Captain's daughter, a Charming lady with a kind and gentle nature, everyone's friend, clever, thoughtful and always eager to please. An expert at managing people.
Mastamariner Morse Code

Golden Retriever Pagan   Pagan is soft and laid back in the house and a fast and furious on the agility course. She always gets the ball no matter what the competition and she loves to be the first to please in every situation.
Mastamariner Thamesis

  Thamesis is Isis' daughter and a pleasure to know and love. She is beautiful, clever but such an attention seeker. Thamesis just can't keep her paws on the ground when there are people to be licked.
Mastamariner Antigua

  Flax is a daughter of Thamesis and a very driven workaholic, she has a "can do" attitude to life and a curious habit of talking (endlessly and loudly) in what sounds suspiciously like whale song.
Mastamariner Luner

Luna   Luna is a daughter of Captain and Jet and a younger sister to Sonar. Luna is soft and cuddley at home and fast and furious in the fields with a recall like a bullet and the capacity to turn on a sixpence. We all adore Luna and Luna adores everyone.

Mastamariner Captain
  Gentle, calm, so very, very typical and willing to please. Captain is our very special gentleman whose lovely nature and exquisite good looks make him friends where ever he goes and with everyone who meets him.
Mastamariner Nimrod

  Pagan's son, the quiet one, Peugeot has excelled in training and is pursing a career as a (junior) partner in Training4dogs, working alongside Severus to help Dogs and their owners overcome sociability and anxiety challenges.
Mastamariner Remus

  Pagan and Severus' son, a partner in our dog training organisation. Remus has proved not only to be a great asset at workbut also a loving companion at home and a very worthy sire of delightful children.

Mastamariner Potion Master
  Magic's son who worked hard as a partner in our dog training organisation. Severus retired in January 2012 when joined his beloved and adoring trainer Johanna and his brother Bailey and nephew Charlie at their home in Sweden.
Mastamariner Jane Marple

Golden Retriever   Tigris joined her best friend and trainer Camilla, in Sweden in January 2012, they had a long history together and a very close bond going back to the day Tigris joined us. Tigris and her father Severus are now two of our Ambassors in Sweden.


(Bedeslea Evening Primrose of Mastamariner)


Golden Retriever Primrose   Matriarch of the Golden Retrievers, Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother etc. for 6 generations of our family. Show winner and the youngest dog ever to pass the KCGCDS. Prim was a cherished matriarch an adored friend and the very centre of the family.

20/01/97 - 05/08/04
(Camrose Muzetta of Mastamariner)


Golden Retriever Lucy   Lucy was a gentle and kind lady, we were privileged to share her life, we miss her and her page is a reminder of the joy she brought us.

The Right Dog For You?
Golden Retriever Breed facts   The Golden Retriever is sometimes seen as an easy option compared with other breeds. Read the facts about this popular pet.
Golden Retriever Breed Standard
Golden Retriever Breed Standard   The breed standard is a description of the perfect Golden Retriever set down by the Kennel Club, it is to this description that golden retrievers are compared in the show ring.
Looking for a Golden Retriever Puppy?
Golden Retriever Puppies   We don't breed very often and our litters are carefully planned and nurtured, read about planning for, owning and raising a Golden Retriever puppy.
Golden Retriever Goodies online
  A huge selection of Golden Retriever designs on a wide range of products from Babies Bibs to XXXLarge Fleeces, from Posters to Frisbees and from Car Stickers to thongs all with Worldwide delivery. The one stop shop for Golden Retriever lovers gifts.

Some of our favourite Goldie pictures

  Our online photo albums bring together a selection of some of our favourite photographs and artwork showing off wonderful companions (and a some of their children).
A selection of books to buy on line
golden retriever books to buy online   A selection of books about Golden Retrievers, their care, upbringing, training and the many activities they enjoy. We add our own recommendations from the books we have read and the authors we can endorse.
Reorganise our muddled up pets
Golden Retriever Puzzle   Our Golden Retriever family got in a muddle at the seaside! See if you can untangle the Mastamariners for us!
Send Golden Retriever E-Postcards
Golden Retriever Postcards   You can send e-post cards with pictures of our lovely Golden Retrievers with your message and music and you will even get a note when your recipient picks up the card.
Free Golden Retriever Cursors
Golden Retriever Cursors   If you are bored with plain old arrows and egg timers treat yourself to one (or many) of our Golden Retriever cursors featuring a selection our special friends.


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