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Mastamariner Captain
Born 28.06.02

In early 2001 we mated our lovely Golden Retriever Isis (Mastamariner Gulviva) to a young dog named Glen (Alibren Maestro) we expected a quality litter both in terms of temperament, character and conformation but the resulting pups were quite outstanding and in mid 2002 we repeated the mating and kept a gorgeous young dog puppy whom we named Captain.

Captain's KCGCDS Bronze Certificate

Captain has exceeded the very high expectations that we had of him. The youngest puppy in his class, Captain passed out top of the class by a wide margin. At 5 months he had passed his Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme Puppy Assessment and the Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme test. By 9 months he had passed his Silver Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme test and a at just a year he strolled though his Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme, Gold award.

Captain's KCGCDS Silver Certificate

Captain was litter screened (eye tested) clear, with all his brothers and sisters, of any inherited or congenital eye anomalies at 6 weeks of age and also holds a clear adult eye certificate. He has an very low hip score of 3+3=6.

Captain's KCGCDS Gold Certificate

With brains, beauty, health and a biddable and loving nature Captain is an outstanding example of all that we value in the traditional Golden Retriever and everything that we breed to preserve and perpetuate.

Golden Retriever Puppy

Captain is just like his mother, kind, soft and totally devoted to pleasing everyone.



A very laid back attitude

Golden Retriever Puppy
Golden Retriever Puppy


A lovely smile - as a baby



And a gentle attitude


Golden Retriever Puppies
Golden Retriever Puppy


Sharing a toy with his brother Bentley


First Christmas
(Captain definitely believes in Santa)


Golden Retriever Puppy
Golden Retriever


Wonderful gentle expression


Captain at 5 months with Anna Astrom who worked with him through his Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Puppy and Bronze Tests.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever


An Adolescent, still exquisite, adoring and adorable.


Growing up and ready to welcome everyone

Golden Retriever


At one year old, looking gorgeous, a gentle and kind young man full of hope for a bright and happy future.


Photograph Courtesy of Anna Astrom

In his element, out in the sunshine

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever


Chilling Out


At two years old, maturing into a stunning adult


Golden Retriever

Simply Gorgeous


Full Flight


Golden Retriever

Taking it easy



Photograph Courtesy of Anna Astrom

Elegant and majestic

So debonaire


In the Summer fields at 2 years old


Time to think


Gaze into my eyes


The Captain's Log

Captain has grown into a wonderful companion who brings us constant pleasure and pride. A calm, gentle, affectionate, intelligent, willing, kind and loving friend, Captain is a lovely example of all that is best in the Golden Retriever.

a Captain and Jet Daughter
a little Star at 7 Weeks

In June 2004 Captain delighted us by siring his first litter of 10 healthy, happy and well balanced pups to Jet (Mastamariner Sea Harrier), the quality and character of the pups was excellent and their training apptitude outstanding with some attaining their Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme awards by 6 months of age and one - Sonar, attaining her Gold award by 7 months.

A Captain Son at 4 weeks of age

Captain has susequently sired further litters of strong, healthy pups with excellent brains, charming characters and lovely conformation. We are priviledged to share our home with Captain's children and grand children and through his grandson Peugeot with his great grand children.

Captain Puppies

Captain, like all our boys, is not available at public stud.
Kennel Club registered Bitches from sound and suitable lines who have outstanding temperaments, current Clear eye certificates and whose hip scores are below 15 in total may be approved provided that there is evidence that exceptional care will be exercised in the homing of any puppies and that a long term commitment to their welfare is assured.

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