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Born 25.05.03

Our lovely Golden Retriever Dog - Severus was one of 12 puppies that Magic whelped in May 2003. Severus is a gentle but hugely entertaining comedian who combines a complete incomprehension of the need for training with an extraordinary capacity to do everything that is asked of him - in his own good time of course, which is usually SLOW.
Severus has always shone, he delighted us and especially Johanna Nilsson (his best friend - but don't tell Captain he said that) who worked with him to finish First out of Fifteen in his puppy class and to achieve his Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme award by 6 months of age. Johanna and Severus went on to pass the Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme tests by 13 months of age.

Severus is a director of Training4Dogs, our Hampshire based dog training organisation. Severus works with us to help dogs who have difficulties with other dogs overcome their problems, he also works to assess dogs for the KCGCDS tests. All this together with occasional engagements to entertain young ladies means that Severus is a very busy chap.

Severus is very much his Mother's Son and like his Mother gives his affection and love unconditionally. He is the calmest of dogs (except of course when playing with his adored role model, Captain).



Severus as a baby (looking like a little sheep) with his admirer, Marie.

Golden Retriever puppy
Golden Retriever


Severus in his usual state (asleep)



At 6 months old and looking lovely.


Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever


Severus the little Moose loves to dress up and be made a fuss of (just like his Mummy Magic).


Severus First Christmas (just a little bit spoilt!),


Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever Severus

So laid back and easy going


Photograph courtesy of Johanna Nilsons

Severus in the Springtime at 11 months

Photograph Courtesy of Anna Astrom

At our training classes Severus acts as our "Subject" dog, his calm and non-threatening nature allows us to assess the response of client's dogs to the close presence of an unknown dog and helps us to make temperament assessments.


Severus and Johanna Nilsson with whom he passed his Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Test by 13 months of age.

Shares his mother's love of mud!


Big Grin


Photograph Courtesy of Anna Astrom

At 15 months and very refined




Promoting the Kennel Club Good Citizens Challenge


Photograph Courtesy of Anna Astrom

Amoung the Summer flowers


Severus at 14 months

Contented Smiles


A very gentle expression

Photograph Courtesy of Maria Nordvall
Golden Retriever Severus

Hay Making


Temperament testing for the Kennel Club

Golden Retriever Severus

Happy in his work


Relaxing on a Winter Day

Severus has an excellent hip score of 5:3=8 and holds a current clear adult BVA/KC/ISDS eye certificate, Severus and the rest of his litter were eye tested under the BVA/KC/ISDS Litter Screening scheme and passed unaffected by MRD at 6 weeks of age.

Severus has proved to be an excellent sire, passing on his many qualities to his children.

For information about puppies sired by Severus please see our Puppy Page.

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