Primrose was the elder of our two foundation Golden Retreiver bitches a true lady and a true Golden Retriever, biddable, dependable, loving, honest, active, eager - full of life and fun. She brought so much to our line but far more to our home, she was the centre of life here and enjoyed every day with a zest and enthusiasm that never wained, even in old age Primrose stayed sleek and fit and well, full of energy, always at the centre of the household always included, loved, respected, venerated and revered.

Golden Retrievers


golden retriever - primrose

Bedeslea Evening Primrose of Mastamariner

20/04/96 - 13/10/10

a classic Golden Retriever

Never really trained, hardly ever shown Primrose has

Best Puppy in Show


Reserve Best in Show
wins to her credit.


Golden Retriever, Primrose's Kennel Club Good Citizens Test Certificate


Primrose is our lovely, gentle, and very well constructed elder stateswoman of the Golden Retrievers, biddable, happy and likes a bit of fuss. The mother of Isis, Daisy and Jet, Grandmother of Captain and Dusty, and a Great Grandmother too.


With the aptitude we expect from our Golden Retrievers, Primrose passed her Kennel Club Good Citizens Test at
- 14 weeks of age!


Golden Retriever, Primrose and her puppies
Golden Retriever, Primrose and  her daughter Jet


Primrose the doting mother - a new generation of Golden Retrievers is born


Sunbathing in the winter sun with Jet- Golden Retrievers come in all colours

Golden Retriever, Primrose after a cuddle


Always so typical of the traditional Golden Retriever



A Golden Retriever of the old school - always after a cuddle


Golden Retriever, Primrose head


Chilling Out!



A head to die for!


Nearly 9 years old and just gets lovelier



Prim's Birthday Party

n April 2008 Primrose celebrated her 12th birthday with a real Golden Retriever party, it involved mud, dirty water, bits of old tree and the right of the party girl to win every challenge and take anything she wanted from any of the guests. With her daughter Isis, Grandson Captian, Great grand Daughter Pagan and Great Great Grand Children Peugeot and Flax, Primrose made a day of it, proving that she is still really a youngster.

Primrose is a sweet and beautiful lady with a typically wonderful Golden Retriever temperament, in between her other engagements she produced some wonderful offspring, her last litter was born in 2001.
Primrose has passed her many qualities on to her offspring. We are very proud of the children she produced and the grand children great grand children and great great grand children that carry her influence - happy, calm, biddable and affectionate, adored by their owners, admired by all who meet them, a credit to their breed and a testimony to our breeding.
The Primrose children, grandchildren, greatgrand children and greatgreat grand children who share our home and our lives are a pride and a joy.

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