Books about Golden Retriever Dogs and Puppies

We have assembled a selection of books about the Golden Retriever available to purchase on-line from here. These include general information, training Golden Retrievers, Golden Retriever care and health. We have added our own comments if we have read the book.


Golden Retriever Books
The Complete Guide to the Golden...
We haven't read this book yet but Micheal Twist is a dog man through and through and knows the Golden Retriever like the back of his hand, more to the point Mr Twist has a real and genuine passion for the breed and its well being, a true Golden Man.
Michael Twist

Golden Retriever Books The Ultimate Golden Retriever
A coffee table book rather than an owners guide, but a large and lovley tome to give or recieve as a gift. A wealth of colourful pictures information on all aspects of the breed, it won't tell you anything new but it will remind you how wonderfull GRs really are!
Valerie FossGolden Retriever Books Reviewed
Golden Retriever Books The Golden Retriever
One of a series and nothing of great interest but a light bright little book from one of the countries top show breeders. A "nice to have" rather than a mine of information.
Anne WoodcockGolden Retriever Books Reviewed
Golden Retriever Books
Your Golden Retriever's Life
Betsy Sikora Siino
Golden Retriever Books
Golden Retrievers for Dummies
Nona Bauer
Golden Retriever Books
A New Owner's Guide to Golden Retrievers
Golden Retriever Books
Golden Retrievers
James E. Jr. Walsh
Golden Retriever Books
The Proper Care of Golden Retrievers
Nona Kilgore Bauer
Golden Retriever Books
Golden Retrievers Today
Valerie Foss
For the Love of Golden Retrievers
Golden Retriever Books
Love of Goldens : The Ultimate Tribute
Todd R. Berger (Editor)
Golden Retriever Books
Golden Retrievers
Stuart A. Kallen
Golden Retriever Books
We haven't seen this book but one of our "puppy" owners is an expert photographer and highly recommends this black and white look at our golden friends. A real coffee table piece for those who love artistry and GRs.

Debra Marlin

Golden Retriever Books
The Golden Years : A Pet Owner's Guide

Mordecai Siegal

Golden Retriever Books
The Golden Retriever (Learning About)
Charlotte Wilcox
Golden Retriever Books
The Story of the Golden Retriever
Heather L. Feldman
Golden Retriever Books
Golden Retrievers
Golden Retriever Books
Bailey Bymyside:Golden Lessons for Life
Patricia Burlin Kennedy
Golden Retriever Books
Petlove Guide to Golden Retrievers
Marigold Timson


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