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We do not believe that ownership of a puppy is something to be undertaken lightly. We are not commercial breeders, every border collie and golden retriever puppy we breed and raise is important to us for all of its life. Dogs and puppies are not playthings for children nor are they educational toys, they are living, loving, dependent, individuals who have the right to care, attention, love, socialisation, education, understanding and tolerance for all their faults and failings for all of their lives.
If you disagree with this ethos please look elsewhere for a puppy.

We hope that the information and advice that we offer here will be helpful not just to our puppy owners but to anyone who is considering or has embraced the responsibility of sharing their lives with a "little furry person", after all - they are only human.

Details of our puppies or litters planned cannot be accessed except via our puppy page (see links below) which explains the terms and conditions under which we home our puppies.

Note the conditions under which we home our puppies
Border Collie Puppies, how we choose our puppies homes You cannot see details of any litters we are expecting unless you go through this page, it explains what we expect from those who want to offer homes to our puppies

Puppy Quiz
Try our puppy quiz and see how ready you are for a puppy

Border Collie Puppies, puppy quiz Test yourself with these 10 questions to see whether your home and lifestyle are suitable for the ownership and care of a young puppy. The answers are there as well!
Puppy Development
See how puppies develop from birth to 16 weeks
Golden Retriever Puppy, how puppies grow and develop Learn about how puppies develop from their blind, deaf, helpless state at the time of birth until they are young dogs at about 16 weeks of age and the stages they go though on the way.

How to Find a Puppy
What to look for and what to avoid

Borde Collie and Golden Retriever Puppies, how to find a puppy for sale Finding the right puppy can be a long and sometimes bewildering experience. We offer some sound advice to guide you through what can be a minefield.
Preparing for Puppy
Read about preparing to bring a puppy into your home
Border Collie Puppies, preparing for a puppy Bringing a young dog into the home needs as much consideration and adjustment as bringing home a baby. Read our advice on preparing your home for a puppy.
Puppy Advice
Follow our advice on bringing up your puppy
Golden Retriever Puppy, how puppies, advice on caring for and raising a puppy Raising a well behaved and well adjusted puppy to adulthood requires sense, patience, kindness and a little expert knowledge. We share our tips and experience with you.
Puppy Presents
Looking for a Puppy as a Present?
Golden Retriever Puppy, how puppies,  giving a puppy as a present If you think that an friend or relative who has lost a canine companion needs a puppy to get over it, or if you fancy giving a cute puppy as a present - read this first!

Xmas Puppies
Thinking of buying a puppy as an Xmas present

Golden Retriever Puppy, how puppies , a puppy for Xmas "A dog is for life not just for Christmas" says the National Canine Defense League's slogan, we explore the issues surrounding the sale of Xmas Puppies.
The Big Puppy Shop
Lots of Puppy Goodies online
A huge selection of Border Collie and Golden Retriever Puppy designs on a wide range of products from Babies Bibs to XXXLarge Fleeces, from Posters to Frizbees and from Car Stickers to thongs all with Worldwide delivery. The one stop shop for Border Collie and Golden Retriever Puppy lovers gifts.
Puppy Photo Album
Enjoy browsing our puppy pics
Lots of gorgeous puppy pictures, photographs, artwork and images, click on the images to see larger copies.
Puppy and Dog Books
A Selection of dog books to buy on line
dog books to buy on line including training, behaviour, puppy care, grooming, special interest A selection of books about Puppies and Dogs, their care, upbringing, training and the many activities they enjoy including special interests such as agility and flyball. We add our own recommendations from the books we have read and the authors we can endorse.
Puppy Reports
Read what our puppy owners say about their Mastamariners
Golden Retriever Puppy, how puppies.  Puppy reports from our puppy owners We get lovely reports and photographs from our puppy owners and we invite you to share in their (and our) pride in their cherished friends and companions.
Send free e-postcards of our puppies
Golden Retriever Puppy, how puppies. Free puppy e-postcards to send You can send e-post cards with pictures of our lovely dogs and puppies with your message and music and you will even get a note when your recipient picks up the card

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