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Border Collie and Golden Retriever Advice Sheets

We get many e-mails from visitors to our site asking for help and advice with border collies and golden retrievers, some people may be having problems with their border collie or golden retriever, some are unsure of how to do something in particular and others are just curious about the best approach to adopt in a particular situation. Whilst we are always available at any time to offer ongoing help and advice to those who own border collie and golden retriever puppies and dogs that we have bred, we simply can't deal with the very large numbers of requests for help that we receive from people having problems with their border collies and golden retrievers acquired from puppy farms, pet shops and sometimes other breeders. If you have a dog or puppy bred by a responsible breeder, you should always contact them for help if you have a problem or want advice, the breeder will be best placed to help you - if she is experienced she will know her breeding lines very well and will expect you to go to her for assistance.
If you have a rescue dog, the rescue centre from which you adopted him or her will have experienced and professional staff to help with any problems and they should be your first port of call. However the vast majority of the many e-mails we receive come from people who have bought puppies from inexperienced breeders of "pet litters", from puppy farms, pet shops, advertisements in the local paper or in "free ads papers" and with border collies of course from farms. Sadly, we just can't keep possible reply to them all, the volume is ever increasing and we now simply delete all such mails. To try to help we have added these Advice Sheets to the web site and we hope you find them useful.

Crates and Cages
using indoor kennels safely and well

dog crates and cages Crates, cages or indoor kennels, whatever you call them they are increasing in popularity, do you need one and how do you use them to your benefit and those of your dog - bedroom or prison? Explore the facts.

Cars Safety
Travelling safely with dogs in the car

dog safety in the car Human safety in cars is regulated by law, your dog only has you to provide protection and safety, doing it properly can be a matter of life and death for your dog.
Bathing your dog
how to bath a border collie or golden retriever dog Personal hygiene is not just a matter for humans, a clean dog is always a pleasure to hug and cuddle (especially when they sleep on the bed) but bathing is a bit of an art, see how to do it right.
Grooming Equipment
The right tools to groom your dog
how to groom a border collie or golden retriever dog The right tools always do the best job and as grooming should be a frequent and regular activity for you and your dog the proper equipment is a must.
How to groom your dog
dog brushes and grooming equipment We all feel better for a good wash and brush up and our dogs are no exception, grooming is not just for showdogs or pampered pooches but an essential for every pet about town (or country).
2 Puppies Together
Twice as nice or double trouble?
2 two puppies together, finding 2 puppies Many households enjoy the company of two dogs (or more) but two puppies together can be more than a handful even for the most experienced owners - see our advice.

To jab or not to jab?

dog innoculations, jabs, vaccinations and annual boosters It has become increasingly popular to turn to alternative healing, but should dogs forgo their inoculations in favour of homeopathic treatment, we believe not - read why.

Thinking of breeding from the family pert?

breeding dogs, how to breed your dog If you feel tempted to breed from your pet, dog or bitch, read this first. Breeding is not an easy or lucrative pastime and the losses can be much higher than most people imaging.
Toys and games for your dog
dog toys, games to play with dogs, safe toys for dogs Which toys are safe and suitable for your dog and what games can you and your dog enjoy together that build your relationship and enhance your pleasure in each others company.
Pyrotechnic terrors

fireworks and dogs, dogs afraid of fireworks Fireworks cause injury, fear and distress to pets and livestock. For a safe and pet-friendly firework display and some suggestions for surviving bonfire night visit our firework page

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