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Border Collies and life with a Border Collie
All our Border Collies are house dogs and pets
But they can WORK and they can PLAY and they can SHOW
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and Best of All THEY LOVE PEOPLE

We are very proud that our Border Collies have represented the breed twice at the Discover Dogs exhibition (organised by the Kennel Club), where their friendliness, gentleness and charm have delighted the thousands of visitors who come to shake paws with our outstanding representatives of this most versatile and intelligent of all breeds.

We are also delighted that when, Pedigree Chum decided to feature the Border Collie on their prestigious showcase Calendar, they selected Mastamariners to represent the breed.

All our Border Collies have Crufts Qualifiers.

Our Border Collies to preserve the wonderful intelligence for which the Border Collie is know throughout the world, maintain the athletic and workman like physic of this versatile breed and display the generous, kind, tolerant and outgoing character which typifies the true Border Collie. We are very proud of our Border Collies and take enourmous pleasure in their company and in the delight they bring to others.

Border Collie, Mastamariners on the Pedigree Chum Calendar

Mastamariner White Ensign, Mastamariner Tjorven & Mastamariner First Officer
(Ruth, her mother Deborah and Father Hercules
Representing the breed on the Pedigree Calendar

From here you can link to all our Border Collie specific information, you can meet our family of very special individuals and learn not only about the many coat colours in this mulitcoloured breed but also how those colours are inherited, did you know that border collies can be red, blue, tricoloured, merle or lilac?
If you are feeling playful and you think rounding up sheep is easy try your hand at being a Border Collie with the sheep game, courtesy of - but be warned - it is addictive!
In search of the perfect border collie? Read the breed standard, the official description of the perfect border collie, other countries may have slightly different standards but this is the British standard, because the Border Collie was made in Britain!
If you want a special treat visit our photo albums and browse through images of adorable puppies, playful youngsters and gorgeous adults.

We don't like our visitors to leave empty handed so please feel free to download our Border Collie cursors and the delightful bouncing sheep.
Last but not least you can send e-postcards to all your friends with pictures of our dogs and puppies and a choice of music and messages - courtesy of Mastamariner.

If you are looking for a Border Collie Puppy please remember that we seldom have Border Collie puppies available as our litters are usually fully booked before birth.. When we have puppies available or a litter planned we post details on our puppy page but we are very fussy about the homes our babies go to live in so if you are seeking a puppy please read our puppy conditions and advice carefully.

(Mastamariner Corvette)
Border Collie, Esther   Gorgeous, attentive, affectionate - irresistible. Cider's daughter, half sister to Hercules, Scrumpy and Deborah, niece to Merry, mother of Petra, Grandmother of Spitfire, Great grandmother of Lilly and Hurricane. A truely typical Border Collie.
( Mastamariner Wavy Navy)

Rachel's Pedigree
  Rachel is a stunning Blue girl, a sister to Ruth and Aska, a lady with power and drive tempered with softness and a wonderfully compliant and enthusiastic attitude.
( Mastamariner Britannia)

Britannial's Pedigree
  Adorable, loving and gentle, a lady who has inherited all the best attributes of her parents, Hercules and Merry. A laid back charmer with classic good looks.

(Mastamariner Red Oktober)
Petra's Pedigree

Brown Border Collie Image   Esther's daughter, and Spitfire's mother, Petra is ever eager to do everything for everyone. Petra just likes to have fun, she is a kind, generous and playful lady.
( Mastamariner Spitfire)

Spitfire's Pedigree
  Petra's daughter, as eager and fun loving as her motherPetra and (nearly) as adorable as her father Hercules. Spitfire is our red tricolour lady. Fast and frantic and always full of fun.
(Mastamariner First Officer)
Border Collie, Hercules   Affectionately known as Mr. fantastic, the father of Ruth, Rachel and Britannia, wise, calm, gentle, endlessly patient, adore by everyone who meets him, a true gentleman and a wonderful ambassador for the breed.
(Mastamariner White Ensign)
  Daughter to Hercules and Deborah, a grand daughter to Cider and Merry and a niece to Scrumpy and Esther - perfect temperament, type, conformation and character.
( Mastamariner Dawn Treader)

Aska's Pedigree
  Ruth's sister and our Special Envoy to Sweden, Aska is owned by Anna Astrom and although she is long way away she is always here on our site.
Those We Have Loved and Lost

(Caristan Cider of Mastamariner)

22/07/1995 - 29/01/2009

Border Collie, Cider   The elder lady of the border collies, mother to Hercules, Scrumpy and Esther, sister to Merry, aunt to Deborah, Grandmother of Ruth, Rachel and Britannia, show winner, sheep worker, role model, friend. Greatly missed and never forgotten.

 (Caristan Merridown of Mastamariner)

24/08/1996 - 08/10/2010

Border Collie, Merry

  Cider's little Sister. Stunningly beautiful, wild girl of the family. Top winning mother of Deborah and Britannia, Grandmother of Ruth and Rachel, ceaseless attention seeker, and eternal optimist, precocious to the last. Our beautiful girl.

 (Mastamariner First Sea Lord)

11/09/1997- 03/02/2009


Border Collie, Scrumpy   Exceptionally handsome, overwhelmingly affectionate, with boundless energy, and a kindness which extended to all living creatures, human, canine or otherwise. Gone before his time and remembered with great affection.

(Mastamariner Tjorven)

11/09/1997- 10/02/2011

Border Collie, Deborah   Exquisitely pretty, feminine and meltingly soft, a delightful lady full of grace and charm. The mother of Ruth and Rachel. Playful, fun loving, and exceptionally tolerant. So retiring, so unassuming yet so sorely missed.
The facts about the breed
Border Collie, hercules   Border collies are not the easiest of breeds to live with, they are active, demanding and strong-willed. Read our facts about the Border Collie.
The Inheritance of Coat Colour
Border Collie, colours page.  The coat colors of the Border Collie, blue merle, red merle, black and white, red and white, tricolour, red tricolour, blue tricolour, lilac, sable, shaded sable, blue merle and tri, red merle and tri.   Border collies are not just black and white. Our Colours page shows you the many colours of the border collie and also explains how they are inherited.
The Border Collie Breed Standard
Border Collie, breed standard   The breed standard is the Kennel Club's description of the perfect border collie, it is to this description that border collies are compared in the show ring.

Shop online for Border Collie Goodies

  A huge selection of Border Collie designs on a wide range of products from Babies Bibs to XXXLarge Fleeces, from Posters to Frizbees and from Car Stickers to thongs all with Worldwide delivery. The one stop shop for Border Collie lovers gifts.

A selection of books to buy online

border collie books to buy online   A selection of books about Border Collies, their care, upbringing, training and the many activities they enjoy. We add our own recommendations from the books we have read and the authors we can endorse.
Play the Sheep Game
Border Collie, sheep game   If you think rounding up sheep looks easy try it for yourself with our sheepgame, play against the clock and see if you would make "One Man and his Dog".
The Children go swimming
Border Collie, hydrotherapy   When foot and mouth made it impossible to give the dogs their usual exercise running loose in the countryside, - we went swimming - and swimmingly it went!
Looking for a Border Collie Puppy?
Border Collie, puppies   We don't breed very often and our litters are carefully planned and nurtured, read about planning for, owning and raising a border collie puppy.
Send Border Collie E-Postcards
Border Collie, postcards   You can send e-post cards with pictures of our lovely Border Collies, your message and music, you will get a note when your recipient picks up the card.
Download Free Border Collie Cursors
Border Collie, Cursors   If you are bored with plain old arrows and egg timers treat yourself to one (or many) of our Border Collie cursors featuring a selection our special friends.


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