Border Collies


Border Collies: Deborah the beautiful

Mastamariner Tjorven

A very beautiful Border Collie

Born 11.11.99

Deborah is all we expect of our border collies, reliable, kind, tolerant, affectionate, gentle, typical and very beautiful.
Superbly bred to combine the best show and working lines, Deborah is a daughter of our top winning bitch Merry and the outstanding show winner Bekkis Kitemark (Geordie), Deborah is many times Crufts qualified.
A very special person, Deborah was the most beautiful of puppies and grew into an elegant, graceful, calm and confident lady, who charms and delights everyone who is lucky enough to make her acquaintance. Deborah is the mother of our delightful and adored sisters Ruth and Rachel. At home Deborah is the self appointed First Lieutenant of Mastamariner, checking that everyone is present and correct, making sure that puppies (of any breed) have a have a responsible baby sitter to take the watch when mum goes ashore and counting the golden retrievers out (and counting them back in again) at walkies time. Deborah, goes with the flow, working out with Scrumpy or taking it easy with Hercules always ready for a cuddle and always delighted to join in a wild game of ball in the sand.


Border Collies: Deborah at six months old

Deborah is the most photogenic of border collies - she can't help but look wonderful but no photograph can convey her truly equitable temperament, her kindness, her affection and her grace.



Deborah at 6 months old.

Border Collies: Deborah at a year old
Border Collies: Deborah at 18 months old


Deborah showing at a year old



Deborah at nearly 18 months old


Border Collies: Deborah baby sitting Jet
Border Collies: Deborah soon discoverd  that she could float and managed to drop off to sleep whilst in the pool,


Taking the baby (Jet) out to play


Not many dogs fall asleep in the swimming pool!


Border Collies: Deborah keeps her composure whatever the circumstace - no spashing about for her!

Border Collies: Deborah is also a very competant footballer trained by aunty Cider and practising with cousin Hercules

Deborah, elegant and composed even when bathing


Playing ball with Hercules


Border Collies: Deborah babysitting Isis' pups whilst mum has some time off.
Border Collies: Never happier than when taking care of the babies


Baby-sitting Isis' 3.5 week old pups whilst Mum has "a run ashore"



Always constant, always dependable.


Beautiful as a youngster


And just gets lovelier

And lovlier


Perfect Smile



Autumn Mist


Winter Sun


Not just a pretty face


But she has a very pretty face too...



Deborah loves everyone (and everyone's puppies), she combines athletic physic and working drive with the wisdom, kindness and reliability that have always been the hallmark of the true border collie. Superb conformation, soundness of temperament, loyalty, affection and beauty, Deborah brings together all that we value and all that we seek to create and retain in our breeding programme. She is a real credit to us and to her breed.

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