Our Border Collie and Golden Retriever Puppies
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We are not commercial Border Collie and Golden Retriever breeders, we breed Border Collies and Golden Retrievers as a hobby and as a pleasure, we breed because we enjoy our own dogs and the challenge of seeking to establish the very best traits of character and conformation from generation to generation. We are well aware that in spite of the popularity of both Border Collies and Golden Retrievers many Border Collies and Golden Retrievers fall far short of the ideal where temperament and character are concerned. We breed first and foremost for temperament, Border Collies and Golden Retrievers who love people, Border Collies and Golden Retrievers who trust people - Border Collies and Golden Retrievers who are people dogs. We expect all our Border Collies and Golden Retrievers to show excellent working potential as a matter of course - not at the expense of temperament, health or conformation. We don't sacrifice any aspect of the Border Collies and Golden Retrievers breeds to conform with fashion or fad, we breed what we consider to be the best examples of two the finest breeds - the true Border Collie and the true "old fashioned" Golden Retriever.

Owning a Puppy is a big commitment. A young puppy living in the home is as demanding and tiring as a young human. Puppies need care and attention, they need time and affection, they need to be trained and they need to have fun every day with their family. Puppies grow up into large dogs who need regular and vigorous exercise whatever the weather. Puppies and dogs need regular grooming and care throughout their lives. Most Golden Retrievers and many Border Collies enjoy romping in mud, swimming in ponds and lakes and generally coming home wet and dirty from their walks. Sound fencing of suitable height is absolutley essential for the safety and security of a puppy or dog, it is important to remember that both Border Collies and Golden Retrievers are arch-diggers and an unsupervised dog can quickly become an escape artist.

Most Golden Retrievers Love MUD!

Border Collies shed their coat regularly and profusely, Golden Retrievers do so to an even greater extent. Living with a dog in the house means extra work cleaning the house and furnishings, washing bedding and washing the dog too. Like children, puppies and dogs are sometimes ill and will need veterinary attention which can be very expensive. Dogs need to be properly accommodated no matter what commitments other members of the family may have and proper provision needs to be made at holiday time, boarding kennels, housesitters and dog minders will add considerably to the cost of keeping a dog.

Puppies need to be raised in a rich and varied environment
to have the best chance of reaching their potential

When dogs grow old they become frail and need special care and consideration. Older dogs may need to be let out several times during the night, may require special diets and are likely to be more costly in terms of veterinary care than younger dogs. Even when life is at its busiest dogs need to be fed, exercised, loved and appreciated every day. No dog should be subjected to hours of loneliness, anxiety and boredom whilst their owners are absent for the greater part of the day, dogs need company to be happy, they also need stimulation and mental exercise.

Border Collie Tegan at 17 years of age

Elderly dogs need very special care and consideration

Animals are not merchandise which can be guaranteed to function in a prescribed manner nor can they be discarded or replaced if they suffer from ill-health or other problems. A dog is for life and unless you are willing to make the time, invest the effort and take the emotional, practical and financial risks involved in loving and caring for a vulnerable living creature you should not consider owning a dog.

Golden Retreiver puppy with Jenny


Puppies need lots of affection

Our Puppies

Our litters are carefully planned, we know our bloodlines, study pedigrees and select those dogs who will compliment the bitches that we have, after very consideration chosen to mate. Our dogs are very precious to us and we take great care to ensure that our bitches are in the peak of fitness and the best of health before we consider mating them. We only breed from outstanding examples of the breed who have been screened under the relevant health schemes, temperament and type are our first considerations coupled with excellent training potential and sound character.

Puppies need lots of gentle handling and caring human interaction
to start them on a lifetime of companionship

Our litters are born in our home under very careful supervision, mother and babies have 24 hour company and care, we value and support every puppy that we breed. Our puppies whether Border Collies or Golden Retrievers are home reared indoors with their mother in a stimulating and loving environment.

Our Puppies are raised in a loving family where they
learn that people are their best friends

Our puppies are wormed thoroughly with Panacur both in utero and during infancy, our puppies are microchipped before homing to discourage theft and ensure that, should some circumstance separate them form their families they will be quickly reunited.
Our puppies are socialised with adults, children and adult dogs to prepare them for life as well adjusted youngsters ready to happily accept new friends.

All our puppies are subjected to all the recommended health checks appropriate to their breed and submitted for a general veterinary check before homing.
All our Agreement of Sale includes breeding and export restrictions to protect our puppies from abuse and exploitation.

A Stimulating Environment

Every single one of our puppies is loved, cuddled, groomed, handled and stimulated throughout their infant lives, we have created excellent indoor and outdoor environments to challenge, excite, teach and encourage our puppies in preparation for their adult lives.

Golden Retriever Puppies with Isis

Home reared indoors with their mother

Prospective Owners

We care a great deal about the type of home in which our puppies will live. Prospective puppy owners are carefully vetted.
We do not allow puppies to go to homes where the family are absent during the day.

We suggest that families with young children, under the age of 12, consider carefully whether they have the time and energy to meet the demands of a young puppy as well as a young child and consider adding a puppy to their family when the children are older.

Too many to count!

We do not sell puppies as potential show, working or sporting "stock" because we do not wish to see them disregarded or "sold on" if they do not fulfill the aspirations of their handler.
We do not sell puppies as potential breeding "stock" as we do not wish them to be placed at risk from inexperience, ignorance or greed and because we do not wish to see their children or grandchildren a burden on the rescue societies.

BUT! Where does the water come from???

We endorse our puppies papers such that any offspring produced by them cannot be registered, we do this to protect the puppies and we do not give undertakings to lift such endorsements.
We endorse our puppies papers such that the puppies cannot be issued with export documents. We do this to protect the puppies because in some parts of the world dogs are not well cared for and have no laws to provide them with protection.
We do not allow puppies to go to homes in those countries overseas where quarantine restrictions require a lengthy period in isolation on reentry to the UK or from which entry requirements take a lengthy time to complete (such as Pet Passport countries). We will always take back any dog that cannot be kept and we are unable to meet this comittment where pet passport requirements may not have been competed or quarenteen is necessary.

Puppies need cuddles

We require all prospective owners to undertake to insure their puppy in case of veterinary costs for their puppy's lifetime. We do this to ensure that the dogs that we breed will always have access to the best and most advanced veterinary care and expertise regardless of cost or the financial circumstances of their owners.

Puppies need motherly care until at least 7 weeks of age.

We require all prospective owners to undertake that should they for any reason, become unable to keep their dog they will contact us for advice and assistance with rehoming or return the puppy or dog to us. We make this stipulation for three reasons;
  • because we are aware of the desperation that can set in when ill health or changed circumstance force owners to part with their pet and we are also aware of the many plausible but unsavory individuals who are always eager to reply to the "free to good home" advert in the local paper. Such people are even more eager to sell on their bargain buys to puppy farms, exporters and laboratories.
  • because we care passionately for all our "children" how ever old or in whatever health they may be and we believe that we have a lifelong duty of care and protection to those vulnerable individuals that we chose to bring into the world.
  • because we believe that the animal rescue organisations exist to help those less fortunate individuals whose circumstances leave them homeless and without care and protection, each puppy that we breed we seek to place in a loving and permanent home and if circumstances should change we provide the safety net that assures a safe, kind and loving home with us for life or until another suitable and carefully vetted home can be found.

Border Collie Puppy Esther with Graham

Puppies need lots of training

In short...
for any puppies that we breed we seek loving and permanent pet homes with day time company and lots of fun and affection. These are homes where dogs are valued for themselves not for their achievements in conformation, work or sport nor regarded as status symbols, consumer goods or children's toys.

Puppies need security and confidence

As Breeders

 We take responsibility for every puppy that we breed for the whole of his or her lifetime and offer ongoing advice and support to puppy owners. We are experienced breeders and trainers, we run a dog training school and are qualified with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers, we are always at hand to offer help with any queries that arise after a puppy has gone to its new home. We offer every assistance and encouragement to puppy owners who chose to enjoy doggy sports or follow a formal training programme with their companion, such partnerships can build and enrich relationships provided they do not become disproportionately the focus of ownership.

We only breed from outstanding examples of the breed

All puppies go to their new home in good health, having been checked by at least veterinary surgeon.
Every puppy has a diet sheet and we provided of food from the same batch as he or she is currently being fed upon, this ensures no upsetting change in diet at a potentially stressful time.
All our puppies are thoroughly wormed, their mother will have been wormed though the last third of her pregnancy to give her puppies the best chance of a clean and healthy start in life. Puppies are wormed at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age to ensure that the good work done before birth is not wasted and that they remain worm free through infancy. We provide a detailed worming history and a suggested ongoing worming programme to be agreed with the puppies new vet, to ensure that puppies remains worm free for life.
Each puppy owner receives a care and training advice pack and our puppies go home protected by 4 weeks insurance which provides new owners with a opportunity to compare and select an appropriate insurance policy.
We give each owner their parental health certificates and a copy of the litter screening certificate for puppy eye tests.

For details of puppies born or due and litters planned please go to the appropriate breed page. Before E-mailing us regarding homing one of our puppies click here

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