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Mastamariner Remus

Born 09/03/10

Remus was born from a very carefully selected lineage that distilled the robust, forgiving and generous nature of his grandmother Magic with the eagerness to please, biddability and warmth of his Grandfather Captain.

From an early age Remus worked with his father Severus, a director of Training4Dogs, our Hampshire based dog training organisation. Remus learned to work with us to help dogs who have difficulties with other dogs overcome their problems, he also worked to assess dogs for the KCGCDS tests. When Severus retired in January 2012 Remus took on the full responsibilities of the role and has aquitted himself with distinction.

In addition to his training work, Remus has also started adding his many qualities to the next generation of Mastamariners, a facet of life that he seems to enjoy! As well as perfoming his stud duties expertly he is also proving that excellent temperament, robust health, good character and fine looks are set to be a continuing part of life here.

Remus has developed from a soft and cuddly puppy into and equally soft and cuddly adult, his equitable temperament and willingness to please make him a very popular member of the family and a great source of pride.



Remus is very much his Mother's Son and like his Mother gives his affection and love unconditionally.


Of course Grandad Captain makes an excellent pillow as well as an excellent role model.



An adorable puppy



Very fond of mud (just like mum and dad)


and a bit of a poser


Remus has an excellent hip score of 3:3=6 and holds a clear BVA/KC/ISDS eye certificate. Remus and the rest of his litter were eye tested under the BVA/KC/ISDS Litter Screening scheme and passed unaffected by MRD at 6 weeks of age.

Remus has proved to be an excellent sire, passing on his many qualities to his children.

For information about puppies sired by Remus please see our Puppy Page.

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