So you want a Puppy?

By mastamariner

Try our quiz to see how prepared you are for owning a puppy.

1. What sort of garden do you have?


   Communal (shared)



2. Which best describes your garden?

   Beautifully maintained and stocked with rare and exotic plants

   Prize winnning lawn, swimming pool and large greenhouse

   Patio, lawn, some borders and a rough bit the bottom

   Overgrown and littered with junk and old car parts

3. How secure is your property?

   Not at all, it's open plan with all our neighbours

   Not very there are some gaps in the fences

   Fairly good at the back but open at the front

   Very, high fences at the back with fences and gates at the front

4. How long will your puppy be left alone?

   Hardly ever, someone is usually at home all day

   Only the 4 hours I work each morning

   Most of the day but I work locally and will come home each lunchtime to let her out

   All day while I'm at work but she will have lots of toys and our neighbour says he will let her out during the day

5. What does it cost to keep a dog for a year?





6. How much exercise do you think breeds like these need?

   None if I have a garden

   Down to the school gates and back twice a day

   A good walk every evening (if its not raining and there is nothing good on TV)

   At least an hour every day with lots of free running and a brisk game of ball

7. What sort of house do you have?

   Spotlessly clean and very tidy ( I can't stand dirt or mess)

   My husband's a builder (half finised work and mess everywhere)

   Messy, toys all over the floor, magazines lying about etc.

   Pretty normal not too fussy but reasonably safe and organised

8. How much grooming do you think your dog will need?


   Just a bath once a year and an occasional brush

   About an hour each month

   at least an hour each week

9. How much time will you need to spend training your puppy?

   None - these breeds are so intelligent they don't need training

   Only housetraining until they are 6 months then some formal training

   Lots and lots of time, especially when they are very young

   It is best to employ a trainer or send my puppy away to be trained properly

10. why do you want a border collie or a golden retriever?

   To guard the house

   It is really the children who want one

   Our friends have one and it is so sweet

   For company and to share walks, games and cuddles