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Typical X-ray taken for hip scoring

We take the health of our Border Collie dogs and puppies very seriously indeed.


The parents of our Border Collie puppies are usually hip scored.

Border Collie puppy having an eye examination in the kind and capable hands of Dr Ian Mason


Little  eyeballsLittle eyeballs

All our Border Collie Puppies are Litter Screened under the ISDS/BVA/KC eye testing scheme before 8 weeks of age.

Our border collie bitches are wormed daily with 5ml of Panacur from the 38th day of their pregnancy and continue to be wormed at this dose until their puppies have completed their first worming at 2 weeks of age.

border collie puppy - worms

Our border collie puppies are wormed at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age. This programme is formulated to ensure that all our border collie puppies are born and remain free of worm infestation throughout their infant lives. We provide a Worming Certificate detailing each puppy's worming history and recommend an ongoing worming programme to enable new puppy owners to keep their new pets worm free for life.

Our Border Collie puppies are registered with The Kennel Club (of Great Britain) at which time their papers are endorsed "Progeny not eligible for registration" and "not eligible for issue of an export pedigree

Border Collie puppy having fun with Marie and Pernilla
Border Collie puppies playing in a safe, clean and stimulating environment

All our border collie puppies are raised in the home with their mother in a safe, clean and stimulating environment. Puppies are accustomed to household sights and sounds, socialised, handled and very well cuddled for the best start in life.

Although the information on this page is accurate and true to the best of our knowledge and reflects current thinking on health matters, we are breeders and as such not qualified to offer advice on health issues. The appropriate person to advise you on health issues affecting dogs is your veterinary surgeon. We require all prospective owners to consult a veterinary surgeon regarding potential health issues in the Border Collie before considering ownership of any puppy we breed.

Border Collie puppy playing in the sand pit

Border Collies are susceptible to a number of eye diseases and abnormalities some of which may affect sight and some of which may be inherited. It is never possible to guarantee that puppies will not suffer from eye problems because although their parents may have been regularly tested, some problems only appear later in life (late onset) and may not be apparent until a dog or bitch has produced many offspring. Some eye conditions are inherited recessively which means that although both parents may test clear of a particular condition those same parents may carry the potential to produce eye problems in their progeny. Those bitches and dogs from whom we breed have been eye tested clear of all conditions currently thought to produce inherited eye problems in the Border Collie.

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