Our Golden Retriever Puppies

We like to keep in touch with our Golden Retriever babies, however old they are!

In the first days, weeks and months of a puppy going to his or her new home we keep in close contact with our puppy owners to offer help and advice about any little thing that might that comes to mind or just to listen with pride and delight to stories of the achievements and antics of our babies as they grow into happy and integrated members of their new families and develop into real characters. In time our contact often becomes a little less frequent , a postcard from Mastamariners on holiday, a card at Christmas, a telephone call to tell boast of achievements in formal sports, some adventure or to share joy or pleasure in a an adored "child"

Over the years we keep in touch and are always excited to hear news and receive photographs of the Mastamariners wherever they have dropped anchor.

We get lovely comments about our puppies and these pages are dedicated to all the Mastamariners far and wide and to their proud and doting owners.



Golden Retriever Kyle_Malcolm and Rothie


Border Collie Morgan Quern

Our Border Collies to follow shortly

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