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We are awaiting the arrival of a litter from ourJet and Captain daughter, Lunar sired by our Pagan and Severus. son, Remus . Lunar is a granddaughter of Primrose and niece of Daisy and Isis. Remus is a grandson of Magic and Captain

Lunar a very gentle, beautiful and willing lady with a delightful nature and a true Golden Retriever attitude to life. This is a repeat mating of that which produced our two delightful youngsters, Bertie and River and a very similar mating to that which we enjoyed early this year between Remus and Lunar's full sister Sonar and from which we kept our little Echo. This is a well tried and tested match and we confidently predict babies that will grow into very clever and loving little souls. The litter will range from mid to pale gold in colour. As well as being a delight around the house and a constant source of pride to us Lunar has also excelled at training and passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold Award at 9 months of age. Lunar has prove to be not only a loving companion but also a valuable asset to our breeding programme bringing together the attributes of both Captain's and Severus' lines.

Mastamariner Remus

The Sire of Lunar's litter is our charming, willing and very eager young dog, Remus (Mastamariner Remus). Remus is a dog with a sense of humour, people oriented character and wonderfully keen to please, he has excelled in training and recently succeeded his father in the very important role of customer relations manager for Training 4 dogs. In this capacilty Remus is responsible for working with temperamentally challenged dogs, fearful dogs and dogs that simply don't trust other dogs. He also carries out character and behavioural assessments for Training 4 Dogs and for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme for which he holds the Gold Award.

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Mastamarer Sea Harrier
Jet - Lunar's Mother,

Lunar's mother Jet was the softest of all our girls, blonde in every way, she never needed to be clever or accomplished in training, it was more than enough that she loved withour question or hesitation, trusting and everyone, tolerating everything and adoring every puppy no matter whose it was or what naughtyness it was perpertraiting. Jet was the perfect Mother, doting aunt, faultless companion and trusted friend. When she died suddenly and without warning in mid 2012 she left a huge hole in our lives and remains missed by all of us, canine and human. New generations of puppies will be the poorer for having never met the peerless Jet.

We expect these puppies to have the same very gentle, loving natures and eager and willing attitiude as their parents. Both Severus and Lunar have outstanding training apptitude and we anticipate the puppies will be equally responsive to kind, consistent and gentle instruction.

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Mastamariner Captain

Lunar's father

Lunar is a daughter of our gorgeous Captain (Mastamariner Captain) the big man of the boys dorm and the leader of the pack. Captain has never spoken unkindly to anyone, never grumbled and only showed his teeth to have them cleaned. He is kindness personified, a devoted, gentle companion, a loyal friend and a true solemate. His children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are a huge source of pride and pleasure to us.

Mastamariner Potion Master

Remus' father

Severus is Remus' father who until his recent retirement was our chief training dog and temperament tester. Remus has inherited his father's robust and accomodating temperament.

Mastamariner Morse Code

Remus' Mother

Pagan is Remus' mother, a challenge in the nicest possible way! Clever, eager, always one step ahead, loves everyone human or dog and full of fun. Remus has all her qualities with a with perhaps a lilttle less mischief in the mix.

Murprila Magic Moments of Mastamariner
Magic - Remus' Grandmother,

As with all our litters we breed for temperament first, coupled with health, excellent conformation and the true old fashioned Golden Retriever character. This is a litter planned with temperament, character, working ability and old fashioned breed type in mind.

Pinecrest Forest Rambler

Russell - Severus' father

We confidently expect happy, willing, gentle, sociable, utterly dependable and very people oriented puppies with excellent conformation and character.

Bedeslea Evening Primrose of Mastamariner
- Lunar's Grandmother,

Our puppies are be raised in our home in a, stimulating, loving, clean, safe environment, they will be Kennel Club Registered, Microchipped, eye tested, health checked, thoroughly wormed, insured, socialised with dogs, adults and children and very well cuddled!!

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Mastamariner Gullviva
- Lunar's Grandmother,

We offer unlimited advice and help to our new puppy owners both before and after puppy goes home and we always take back any puppy or dog, of any age, that we have bred who, due to changed circumstances cannot be kept.

Please note that;

Lunar relaxing

We are not commercial breeders, we care very deeply about the homes in which our puppies will live. Before enquiring about puppies please read the conditions on the puppy page of our web site very carefully, we are very choosy about the homes in which we place our puppies.

golden retriever

Lunar with her aunt Flax

We only allow our puppies to go to loving, permanent homes with daytime company and lots of fun and affection. We only consider homes where children are older (at least 12 years or above) so that there will be time to be dedicated to the care and nurturing of a new family member and where a puppy will valued for as an individual. We favour homes that have previous experience of dog ownership and who understand the time and commitment needed to fullfill the expectations and needs of a young dog.

Golden Retriever Image
Severus (Remus' Father) with his adoring Johanna

Please note that we do not sell puppies as potential show, working or breeding "stock" and all our puppies are registered with breeding and export restrictions to protect them, we do not make exceptions to this rule and do not undertake to lift these restrictions.

Remus with Grandad Captain

Lunar and Remus both have excellent hip scores, each being a fraction of the breed average (breed average is 19 in total and the lower the score the better);

Sire (Remus) hips 3:3=6,
Dam (Lunar) hips 3:3=6

Both parents have clear eye certificates.

Golden Retriever Image
Captain and Jet
Lunar's Parents

Remus and Lunar were both litter screened (eye tested as pups together with their respective litter mates) for MRD at 7 weeks of age, both they, and all their siblings were passed as unaffected by the condition.
These puppies will be eye tested before 8 weeks of age.

We expect the puppies to inherit their parents' superb temperaments, confidence, biddable natures, kind and gentle dispositions and eagerness to please.

Golden Retriever Image

Mastamariner Captain
Lunar's Father

Before leaving us for their new homes Lunar's puppies will be;

  • eye tested
  • health checked twice
  • inoculated with their first jab (for the full range of "childhood" diseases
  • permanently identified by Microchip
  • registered with The Kennel Club
  • endorsed with breeding and export restrictions
  • wormed with Pancur at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age
  • insured for 4 weeks

Golden Retriever Image
Murprilla Magic Moments of Mastamariner
Remus Grandmother

Puppies are never available to homes where show, breeding, working and/or dog sports are the disproportionately the focus interest or where no human company is present during a significant portion of the day.

Before considering the ownership of a puppy please read and take to heart the information and conditions set out on our Puppy Page.

These puppies are for life!

Please don't e-mail us regarding the availability of puppies unless you have read and understood both the important notes below and the information contained on our Puppy Page.

Golden Retriever Image
Centre and right - Jet and Captain
Lunar's Parents

If you have read and understood the conditions under which we home our puppies and have noted the additional information regarding responsible dog ownership contained on this site and wish to enquire further regarding Lunar and Severus's litter you may e-mail us from here. e-mail us to provide the details that we ask for in our Request for Information. You may also want to review our Homing Procedure.


Lunar has been wormed daily with 5ml of Panacur from the 39th day of her pregnancy and will continued to be wormed at this dose until the puppies had completed their first worming at 2 weeks of age. The puppies will be wormed at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age. This programme is formulated to ensure that the puppies are born and remain free of worm infestation throughout their infant lives. We provide a Worming Certificate detailing each puppy's worming history and recommend we an ongoing worming programme to enable new puppy owners to keep their companions worm free for life.


When considering a puppy from a breed such as the Golden Retriever which may be susceptible to hip dysplasia, prospective owners may wish to seek a puppy from parents (each of) whose total hips scores are below the average total hip score for the breed. Such selection does not eliminate the possibility of hip dysplasia developing in a dog or puppy but may play a part in reducing the likelihood of this disease. The breed average for Golden Retrievers is 19, in total, for both hips, i.e, left hip score + right hip score = 19.


Golden Retrievers are susceptible to a number of eye diseases and anomalities some of which may affect sight and some of which may be inherited. It is never possible to guarantee that puppies will not suffer from eye problems because although their parents may have been regularly tested some problems only appear later in life (late onset) and may not be apparent until a dog or bitch has produced many offspring or may not appear during a dog's lifetime. Some eye conditions are inherited recessively which means that although both parents may test clear of a particular condition those same parents may carry the potential to produce eye anomolies in their progeny. Both parents of the litter have been eye tested and are unaffected by the conditions currently thought to produce inherited eye problems in the Golden Retriever.

Magic's last litter in 1999 at 6 hours old.

Please note ;

Although the information above is accurate and true to the best of our knowledge and reflects current thinking on health matters, we are breeders and as such not qualified to offer advice on health issues. The appropriate person to advise you on health issues affecting dogs is your veterinary surgeon. We require all prospective owners to consult a veterinary surgeon regarding potential health issues in the golden retriever before considering ownership of any puppy we breed.

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