Our Waiting List

Please remember that we breed only occasionally and will have a puppy immediately or shortly available only in very exceptional circumstances, as a rule there is a waiting list and a waiting time which may be several weeks or months, if we have no litters planned or are unable to take further bookings we do try to recommend breeders with a litter available or due.

We take a restricted number of bookings for our litters, it is not usually possible to tell prospective owners “where they are” on our waiting list as some people only want a dog, others only a bitch whilst others have no preference also some people are also clear about the coat colour or shade that they prefer.  We also always give priority to people who already own or have previously owned, a dog we have bred.

The Process

We ask prospective owners to respond to our REQUEST FOR INFORMATION, if that is satisfactory and we have a litter planned or due we invite the prospective owner to ring us for a telephone interview, if after that both we and the prospective owner wish to proceed, we invite them to visit us and meet us and  the dogs, including the mother to be (and the father if we own him). At this meeting we can furhter discuss suitability and deal with any questions that the prospective owner may have.  If everyone is happy after that meeting it is a matter of waiting for the lady concerned to oblige with a puppy.  We don’t always own the father of the litter, all our litters are carefully planned for puppies who display the qualities that we value, so we research and carefully select dogs to match our bitches rather than just using a convenient dog.  If we don’t own the father of the litter we are always happy to help arrange for prospective owners to meet him if they wish to do so.

The Puppies

Those adopting puppies usually like to come and see the litter over the weeks before the pups are ready to go home.  We don’t as a rule, let new owners just pick a puppy, instead we work with them to help them choose the right puppy for their personality, home environment and expectations, having a dog is a 12-18 year partnership and matching pups to people is an important part of the process.

We have “Children” all over Great Britain and we don’t preclude prospective owners on grounds of distance, puppies are not stressed by even very long journey’s by car provided they are reasonably cool and have a comfortable bed and human company for a cuddle.  However we do insist that we meet all prospective owners BEFORE we agree to home a puppy with them, this means at least two journeys to Hampshire (one to meet us and to take the puppy home) for any prospective owner.