Border Collies


Border Collies Hercules gaiting

Border Collies Hercules - defender of the realm

Mastamariner First Officer
and a (perfect) Gentleman

Born 11/09/97

Crufts qualified for life, Kennel Club Stud Book Number 1548CK.
Noble, kind, loyal, willing, generous, very very cuddly
- and clever and beautiful too.

Hercules is the kindest of Border Collies, he believes that all creatures, human, canine or otherwise are his friends. He is the one who teaches the puppies and the children and the fearful that big dogs are gentle dogs. He is calmest of border collies happy to sleep by the fireside with his Mum but ready, willing and able when there is work to be done. Always after a cuddle, always giving kisses, always ready to just be with you. Hercules is just about as perfect as a Border Collie can be - and that is pretty perfect.


Border Collie Hercules -


Hercules is the original poser, loves to to be loved and loves to have his picture taken, and when you are as gorgeous as him - why not.


Exceptionally handsom

Border Collies Hercules - In the bluebell wood
Border Collies Hercules cooking


Out in the woods



Always eager to help with the cooking

Border Collies Hercules resting
Border Collies Hercules with a bone


and take advantage of the soft furnishings


bites off more than he can chew!


Border Collies Hercules dressed up

Lets the "children" do anything


This is where we get knocked over!

Border Collies Hercules adn deborah playing ball

Taking a break



coaches the junior team and -


Border Collies Hercules digging
Border Collies Hercules - In the mini


Digs for England!



London to Brighton Mini Run 2002.
Ready for the Off.

Border Collies Hercules - and the min at Brighton


London to Brighton Mini Run 2002.
We Made It!


Lives life to the full




So attentive



So gorgeous



So carefree and full of life



Always admired



A Classic Border Collie



In Summer



Harvest time



Perfect Model


Hercules with his lovely blue daughter - Rachel



Winter skies



In the fields



Never too busy to pose!



Lovely head and expression


And off again...


Tireless mover


Hercules is always sensitive to his company, if you want to play he will play, if you want to laugh he joins in, if you want a little quiet he can be quiet too and if you're sad he will sit and lick it better.

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