Border Collies


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Mastamariner White Ensign

A truly versatile Border Collie

Born 16.07.01

Our long awaited Hercules and Deborah daughter. A granddaughter to Cider and Merry, niece to Scrumpy and half niece to Esther - a Mastamariner Border Collie through and through. Ruth is so good - gentle, sensible, happy, outgoing, friendly, eager to please and ... absolutely gorgeous. With a perfect father and a faultless mother how could Ruth be anything but wonderful?

Border Collie - Ruth

Ruth has such natural balance and radiant charm that she is always a lovely subject for a photograph and an even lovelier companion.



Two charming young ladies, Ruth and Isabella, enjoying each others company

Border Collie - Ruth
Border Collie - Ruth


Checking to make sure that aunty Isis has washed behind her ears.



Taking it all in!


Border Collie - Ruth
Border Collie - Ruth


Spending time with aunty Daisy


Sharing the milkbar with Dusty
(poor Daisy)


Border Collie - Ruth
Border Collie - Ruth


Ruth and her family, Mummy Deborah, and Daddy Hercules with aunty Marie and Grand dad Graham!



Among the bluebells


Border Collie - Ruth


That's my Mum Deborah and my Aunty Esther



11 Months Old

Border Collie - Ruth
Border Collie - Ruth


Always Balanced


Happy at home


Border Collie - Ruth

Border Collie - Ruth


Learning Agility


Getting the idea

Border Collie - Ruth


Taking it all in her stride


Always Smiling - 1 year old


Border Collie - Ruth


Harvest time



At two years old - almost grown up!


Ruth as pictured on the prestigious Pedigree Pet Foods Calendar



Kind and generous




Three years old and looking wonderful.



Summer 2004


Very well constructed



Aerodynamic and very fit


Absolutely beautiful



Late Summer 2004



As at home on the bed as in the field



The true border collie



Ever watchful



Full of fun



Life is a game


Ruth was bred to combine all that we value in the border collie. Outgoing but sensible, friendly but gentle, obedient but not obsessive, keen but not hysterical, kind, trusting, willing and intuitive. Ruth takes everything in her stride, the world is her friend and her kindness and gentleness make her everyone's friend. A lovely daughter from lovely parents - all that we could wish for and a young lady of whom we are very proud. In May 2009 our good friend Anna Astrom asked - yet again if Ruth could join her siblings in Sweden as part of Anna's Mastamariners and this time we agreed. To see Ruth, her sister Aska and her brother Sirius Click here.

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