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Trainee Dog Trainers/Au Pairs/Dog Carers at Mastamariner

To help us with our busy lives we invite up to three young people to live with us, learn about dog training and act as au pairs and dog carers throughout the year.

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This is a domestic situation, helping to caring for our pets and home, it is not a commercial position and our au pairs live very much as part of the family and take part in all our canine interests.

Life at Mastamariner is all about dogs, over the years our au pair / dog carers have become involved in dog training, agility, grooming, obedience, showing, gundog work and handling as well getting involved in village life and having a lot of fun. Most of our au pair / dog carers take time here to learn or practice a particular aspect of canine care, some come just to be with dogs and take time away from the frantic pace mainstream life. Most years those that can, try to get back for Crufts and we have a bit of a party. Most stay in touch over the years and come back for holidays and visits, it is all part of life at Mastamariner.

These pages will tell you about life here at Mastamariner, what we expect of our au pair / dog carers and what our dog carer au pairs can expect to see, learn and enjoy. If you are used to working in kennels where dogs are just inmates to be worked, shown, bred and passed on if they don't make the grade you will find Mastamariner very different. We don't have winners and losers, we have a family where everyone joins in and everyone counts regardless of awards, trophies, working or breeding achievements.

For our au pair / dog carers all living costs are met and in addition each receives weekly pocket money.

Au pairs Dog trainer must be able to come for a minimum of 9 months, arrange their own travel to and from the UK and provide their own insurance for their stay.

The Routine Work
What our Au pair Dog Carers do
every day
Au Pairs and Dog CarersWorking with dogs. Washing down dance! What we expect of our dog carers, there is a lot of responsibility and a lot of exercise. But if you want to be with dogs get fit and enjoy the countryside there is nowhere better.

Specialist Activites
Dog Training & Studio Work

We are very involved ingeneral dog training, agility, tracking, photography and all sorts of other activities that keep us and dogs very busy.
What it is like to live at Mastamariner
Au Pairs and Dog Carers Jobs with dogs. Dogs Everywhere Mastamariner is a family home where everyone joins in and everyone gets along. So if you don't like to mix work and pleasure and like your own spaceand a 9-5 routine this will not be for you.
Caring for our dogs
Daily care of our canine family
Au Pairs and Dog Carers Looking after Dogs. Quiet Moment Caring is about wanting to do more than just work with dogs, it is about loving a lot of them, a lot of the time!
Caring for baby puppies
Au Pairs and Dog Carers Careers with animals. Proud "Mums" Caring for baby puppies is time-consuming and requires a fastidious and meticulous approach to hygiene routine and record keeping and a lot of love and affection.
The Local Area
Local attractions and amenities
Au Pairs and Dog Carers Dog Au pairs. Stonehenge which is of course in Wiltshire We believe this is the most beautiful place on earth - but then we are biased, find out about Hampshire.
Want to work on your own canine skills
Au Pairs and Dog Carers work with animals. Little dog, big jump Our dogs enjoy an easy life but they love to get involved in activities or all sorts especially with their favourite friends.
Are you eligible to join us?
Au Pairs and Dog Carers Dog Carers. Border Collie and Pernilla If you are interested in coming to join us at Mastamariner please read our requirements. The main ones are a real love of dogs, a strong work ethic and the ability to work happily in a team.
How to Apply
What you need to do to apply
Au Pairs and Dog Carers Careers with Dogs. Busy stroking What you need to do if you want to apply to come to Mastamariner as an au pair / dog carer

Border Collies
Golden Retrievers
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Au Pair
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