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Au Pair Dog Carer Agility dog, Rebekah on the A frame

Master of all she surveys

Dogs enjoy activity and we expect our dog carer au pairs to take the opportunity to learn new skills and practice or perfect those they have already learned. There are opportunities to attend Championship shows and some of our au pairs have handled our dogs at Great Britain's most prestigious shows including Crufts. Our dog carer au pairs have also enjoyed agility, helped with hydrotherapy, worked towards awards such as the Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme Tests, practiced tracking and obedience skills. Some have brought more exotic arts with them such as canine massage or used their time to fine tuned their grooming skills. The dogs love learning new things and revel in the attention and fuss.

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Au Pair Dog Carer Border Collie massaged by Jenny

The dogs love lots of fuss and attention



Canine Massage

Au Pair Dog Carer Golden Retriever Timothy with Camilla after passing his KCGCT
Au Pair Dog Carer Golden Retriever Daisy retrieving a pheasant


Training for and passing the Kennel Club Good Citizens Tests



Gundog training


Au Pair Dog Carer Border Collie Cider shown by Lisa
Au Pair Dog Carer Agility, rebekah jumping


Breed Showing



Au Pair Dog Carer Border Collie swimming
Au Pair Dog Carer Primrose  almost asleep on the bed

Swimming and hydrotherapy

Serious dog work is not compulsory but the opportunities are always here and for those who want to try them or practice them and for those who do there is never of shortage of canine volunteers to join in.

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