Dog Carer Au Pairs Living at Mastamariner

Dog Carer Au Pairs Magic and Lina relaxing

Pull up a dog and lie down

Our au pair dog carers have rooms with TV, video, DVD and CD cassette players where they can make themselves at home, we no longer provide internet access or telephone since most applicants will bring a laptop and mobile phone.

See more information on Anna Åström's home page

With very few exceptions all evenings are free for our au pair dog carers to do what they wish either at home or out and about and each has two full days off each week. We are served by a good bus service to the nearby towns and for getting around locally in the village we have bicycles available.


Dog Carer Au Pairs Golden Retriever sharing Marie's sun bed

Dogs just seem to get everywhere at Mastamariner



You never know who may want to share your space

Dog Carer Au Pairs Border Collie puppy with Lina
Dog Carer Au Pairs Border Collie Hercules with Lina 2


Your beer



Your lap


Dog Carer Au Pairs Golden Retriever puppy on the bed with Anna
Dog Carer Au Pairs Pernilla, Johanna, Rebekah, Camilla and Marie ready for a night out


and of course your bed


Out on the town, subject to Rebekah's approval of course


Dog Carer Au Pairs The Volvo Girls (Lina, Jenny, Marie) leading the live music at The Star
Dog Carer Au Pairs Mastamariner Xmas party


An impromptu performance by the Volvo girls


At Mastamariner we work hard and keep everything shipshape and Bristol fashion but we know how to relax and how to have fun too. We have a good pub in the village with live music on Fridays, for more nightlife our local town has nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, a cinema complex and a theatre.

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