Au Pair Dog Carers the routine work at Mastamariner

Au Pair Dog Carers working Cleaning out the puppies play house

Scrubbing the puppy play house

Life here is all about dogs, there is a lot more to be done, helping with feeding, bathing, grooming, lots of exercising, and assisting with general care. Occasionally also there is the care of pregnant bitches and young puppies as well as assisting in visits to the vet for health checks and treatment. The work is not heavy or hard but does involve a lot of exercise and a lot of time outdoors, at least 3 hours walking daily in all weather.
All our dogs are friendly and well mannered. In addition our au pairs help us to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene both inside and and outside.

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Most of the real work happens in the morning. Going out with the dogs first thing and clearing up, making sure everything is clean outside, helping with feeding and settling the dogs. After breakfast, lots of walks and then some general cleaning and housekeeping inside to be done - before lunch. In the afternoon, training, special walks with youngsters etc., generally keeping the environment clean, some afternoon feeds, grooming and bathing, by mid afternoon it is time to relax and enjoy some freestyle dog cuddling (and sometimes puppy worshipping) .
Although there is plenty of free time and days off, because this is a family home no one is really ever off duty, there is always a water bowl to be filled up, a dog wanting a cuddle, someone on the wrong side of a door and so on. If you like to separate work and leisure life here is not for you.

In addition to the daily routine of work that keeps Mastamariner afloat there are lots of other less routine activities that take place on a regular weekly or occasional basis. These include assisting in dog training classes such as our Puppy Socialisation and Dog Training classes, One to One Dog Training, Agility classes and Tracking classes. We also provide Photography services and helping out on photo shoots at home, in studios and in Client's homes is also an important and very exciting part of life here.

Au Pair Dog Carers working Picking up

Routine tasks form the basis of a clean and safe environment



Cleaning up after the dogs is an ongoing an essential task

Au Pair Dog Carers Golden Retrievers and Border Collie Hercules off for a walk
Au Pair Dog Carers Golden Retriever magic being naughty


All the dogs get a good walk everyday - that means a lot of walking.



Some dogs just don't think the rules apply to them (like Magic!)


Au Pair Dog Carers Washing out the water troughs
Au Pair Dog Carers Golden retreiver Puppies cooling off


All water troughs have to be cleaned out daily and regularly disinfected (supervised by Rebekah of course)


Dogs and puppies need to be kept cool and comfortable in hot weather


Au Pair Dog Carers Golden Retriever Lucy being bathed
Au Pair Dog Carers Border Collie Scrumpy being  blasted dry


All the dogs need regular bathing and very thorough drying


We expect all our au pair dog carers to be involved in training and activities with the dogs - that is why most want to come, working with the dogs builds relationships and instils respect. We aren't looking for obedience addicts (but they are OK too) or for young people with lots of training experience but we do want au pair dog carers who are genuinely interested in understanding and working with dogs.
As when caring for any group of individuals, routine is very important as is maintaining a calm, steady and tranquil environment, so if you are looking for an exciting life where everyday is different, working with animals may not suit you.

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