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We hope that you are enjoying your visit to our Border Collie and Golden Retriever site.
To make you visit more interactive we have included a selection of our favourite games - all with a Border Collie and Golden Retriever theme of course.
Some are quizes where you can test your knowledge and lifestyle, some demand manual dexterity like the Sheepgame, some are brain teasers or memory tests.
We hope you enjoy them all and if you know of any other games which visitors to our site might like to play and which we can include here please e-mail us and let us know about them.

Puppy Quiz
see how ready you are for a puppy
Border Collie Puppies Link to the Puppy Quiz Test yourself with these 10 questions to see whether your home and lifestyle are suitable for the ownership and care of a young puppy. The answers are there as well!
The Sheepgame
Be a virtual sheepdog
Play the Sheepgame If you think rounding up sheep looks easy try it for yourself with our sheepgame, play against the clock and see if you would make "One Man and his Dog".
Play a virtual Puzzle
Reorganise our muddled up pets
Golden Retrievers in the muddled Mastamariners puzzle Our Golden Retriever family got in a muddle when they went for a dip at the seaside! See if you can untangle the Mastamariners for us!
The Memory Game
Find the pairs in the puzzle
Border Collies and Golden Retrievers in  the memory game The Mastamariners came in two by two, but got split up - can you match them up again. This is compulsive! the memory game, play three different games at increasing speed!
The WordSearch game
Find the hidden words
Border Collie and Golden Retriever WordSearch game Sometime we know what we want to say - but just can't find the words! Can you help us find the words we are looking for? Sorry about the colours - not our choice!
Help put Hercules together again
Border Collie game - Hercules Jigsaw Puzzle England expect - every dog to do his duty, but Hercules needs a little help to repel boarders, see if you help him get his act together!
Send free e-postcards of our puppies Border Collie and Golden Retriever Free E-Postcards You can send e-post cards with pictures of our lovely dogs and puppies with your message and music and you will even get a note when your recipient picks up the card
Spot the Difference
Find the differences in our Golden Puppies
Golden Retriever Spot the difference  game How fast can you spot the differences in this game of ever increasing speed and attention to detail. See if you can beat all eight levels.

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