Pedigree of Mastamariner Potion Master

Murprila Magic Moments of Mastamariner X Pinecrest Forest Rambler for Rayleas

A sensible line that brings together outstanding temerament and conformation in a well rounded, gentle, kind and willing Golden Retriever with excellent hips, clear eyes and a biddable, generous nature.

Pinecrest Forest Rambler for Rayleas
Hips 5:5=10
Current Clear Eye Certificate

Sh. Ch. Stanroph Squadron Leader
Hips 5:5 = 10

Sh. Ch. Steval Mickey Finn at Ivycrest
Amberland Ski-Hi
Ch. Gatchells Sky at Night
Ch. Camrose Fabius Tarquin
Gatchells Superkay
Outshine Contessa
Glennesssa Escapade
Janville Quaintesse of Ortanique
StevalLatest Edition
Lindjan Kyoto
Amberland Black Sabre
Lindjan Dynasty
Steval Sonata
Shandeen Sportsman of Pinecrest
Sh. Ch. Steval Melody Maker
Stanroph Shere Fantasy
Rossbourne Trooper
Sh. Ch. Nortonwood Checkmate
Stolford Moonduster
Catcombe Choice
Rossbourne Harvest Gilt
Sh. Ch. Rossbourne Timothy
Kingsborgh Bryony -Ann
Stanroph Silent Tears
Gaineda Chica Beau of Stanroph
Linchael Casmayor
Sh. Ch. Rachenco Charnez of Gaineda
Clevarly Claire of Stanroph
Sh. Ch. Janville Tempestuous
Lynfran Penny Lee
Rayleas Megafolie of Pinecrest
Hips 4:5=9
Ch Rayleas Caluimn
Sh. Ch. Amirene King Eider of Davern
Sh. Ch. Nortonwood Checkmate
Ch. Davern Figaro
Sh. Ch. Nortonwood Canella
Stalyhills Miss Avenger of Amirene
Sh. Ch. Rossbourne Timothy
Janville Sarita of Stalyhills
Deanwood Cerian of Rayleas
Fernyvayle Rambler of Pinecrest
Shandeen Sportsman of Pinecrest
Fernyvayle Solitaire
Rayleas Michaela of Deanwood
Rayleas Cyclone
Rayleas Spring Song
Pinecrest Nutmeg of Rayleas
Hurricane Chas of Rayleas
Rayleas Cyclone
Ch. Jescott Galahad
Stradcot Corn Dolly
Janacre Pheobe
Goronne Artful Dodger
Carrendo Charlotte of Janacre
Leithfield Evita of Pinecrest
Amberland Black Sabre
Ch. Pinecrest Salvador
Craigisle Lanya
Rouca Rosmary of Leithfield
Ch. Styal Scott of Glengilde
Styval Stormbird
Murprila Magic Moments of Mastamariner
Hips 3:3=6
Current Clear Eye Certificate
Canina Regency Cream
Sh. Ch. Jobeka Jasper of Nortonwood
Sh. Ch. Nortonwood Silvanus
Sh. Ch. Nortonwood Checkmate
Ch. Davern Figaro
Sh. Ch. Nortonwood Canella
Westley Sabrina of Nortonwood
Ch. Nortonwood Faunus
Westley Victoria
Stirchley Sugar Bush of Jobeka
Ch. Nortonwood Faunus
Ch. Camrose Cabus Christopher
Nortonwood Fantasy of Miro
Sansue Wanda of Stirchley
Gyrima Moonlord of Rockwin
Sansue Gillian
Canina Secret Love
Ch. Fenwood Jagger of Canina KCJW
Ch. Canina Winter Berry KCJW
Ch. Tranquillity Token of Regina
Teecom Infatuation of Canina
Fenwood Fern
Riella Joshua
Fenwood Cedar Rebecca
Canina Tunnel of Love KCJW
Darris Star Time of Canina
Ch. Gatchells Sky at Night
Darris Double Daisy
Canina Romantic Rose
Sh. Ch. Teecom Knightserrant
Canina Brandy Bubbles
Chemisette Choice
Canina That's Entertainment
Ch. Gaineda Consolidator of Sansue
Catcombe Czar
Stolford Moonduster
Catcombe Choice
Catcombe Crumpet
Ch. Westley Samual
Catcombe Candle
Canina Romantic Rose
Sh. Ch. Teecon Knight Errant
Sh. Ch. Gamebird Debonair of Teecon
Sh. Ch. Peatling Stella of Teecon
Canina Brandy Bubbles
Cressex Czar of Teecon
teecon Infatuation of Canina
Sunset Strip No. 1
Pure Golden
Ch. Camrose Fabius Tarquin
Ch. Camrose Cabus Christopher
Sh. Ch. Camrose Matilda
Kenoloak Amber Sunset
Davern Jollyfella
Elizabeth of Tyrells
Rochindan Spring Morning
Chafforn Justinian
Chafforn Darcey
Chafforn Hey-Ho
Rochindan Sincerely Alona
Dukeshead Sinner
Rochindan Josephine Bruce


Sire's (father's) line is uppermost
Champions are shown in red.

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