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Mastamariner Nimrod - Peugeot
The Chocolate dog - Dark, sweet and irresistible
Born 27/10/06

Peugeot had a hard time just getting into the world and ended up making his debut in the back of the car following an emergency dash to the vet. We all struggled for his life in the first few days and the endless discussions about how the "Peugeot Pup" was coping led to a name that stuck, it didn't matter as we were definitely not keeping a dog from this litter but of course he stayed and so did his name. Peugeot is Pagan's son and Captain's Grandson which makes him rather special, he is a quick learner and a very soft and cuddly young man.

Peugeot is the ultimate water dog



From a shaky start Peugeot has grown into a handsome and very robust young man.


Peugeot has passed his Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme Tests




Attentive and obedient Peugeot has always been a bit of a "Mummy's Boy".....



And Mummy wouldn't have it any other way!


A youngster in the Spring



Crown of Primroses



Cooling off






Even Captain doesn't have a nice bit of wood like this!

In Autumn fields



With his best friend - Flax



As a youngster Peugeot was a worrier who took a reserved approach to life but as he has matured he has grown into a quiet (except at mealtimes), thoughtful soul and has learned to take life as it comes. At training he earned himself the name "Perfect Peugeot" and I became seriously concerned about the number of people who wanted to take him home. In reality he is just imperfect enough to be a real character but perfect enough to be a real joy to take anywhere and source of great pride. Peugeot has joined the family business and is now a "junior" (in Severus' view) partner in Training4dogs, our Hampshire based dog training and dog activity organisation, where he is helping dogs with social difficulties learn to like being with other dogs.

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