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Mastamariner Antigua - Flax

Born 02/05/07

We had not intended to keep a puppy from Thamesis first litter but Flax was returned to us a week after she went to her new home due to the domestic situation of her new owners. Within a couple of days it was clear that Flax' was a very special little soul and we have never quite understood how we could have overlooked her in the litter and how we could have been so lucky as to have had a second chance to add her to our family. Flax is supremely biddable, very "hot" indeed, utterly devoted and totally cuddly. She is such a joy to train that it was almost an anticlimax when she passed her KCGCDS Gold Test at 13 months to the day - what to do next! Flax decided that for us when she took a unilateral Open University approach to agility, taking herself off over the course without handler, caution or fear, she simply learned by watching the others and then went off and did it all herself.

Flax has energy enough for anything and takes anything in her stride.



Into the water

And again!

Just made it!


Shadowing Peugeot




Got him!


He wasn't expecting that!



I can fly

Flax plagues her long suffering relatives and her favourite target is her best friend - Peugeot




Captain is considered "fair game" as well


Captain and Flax in the long Summer Grass


Flax and Peugeot take a break

Flax has proved to be the best puppy we didn't keep. If you want to believe in fate then she is the proof. Whatever the truth we consider ourselves to be incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to share our home and lives with such a delightful and rewarding young lady and we hope that in time Flax will prove to be a as good a mother as she is as a friend.

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