Golden Retrievers - The right puppy


Golden Retrievers are bred to hunt.

golden retreiver daisy retrieving a pheasant

Golden Retrievers are powerful hunters

The Golden Retriever was originally bred as a hunter, a dog developed to pick up dead and run down injured game. Make no mistake, the Golden Retriever, for all her cuddly qualities (and they are many) is a highly developed hunter, and a potential hazard to domestic stock, game and wildlife. In puppyhood and young adulthood Goldens need to learn their boundaries, poultry, wildfowl, deer, rabbits and hares are not allowed. Livestock always needs to to be treated with utmost respect. Until you have taught your pet to lie or sit and wait immediately on command you will need to keep him or her on the lead in any potentially tempting situation. If your Golden worries sheep or runs amuck among game birds he or she could be shot - and you will be legally and morally responsible and that can be a heartbreaking, expensive and humiliating experience.

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