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One thing to remember is that Goldens shed - and they shed like no other breed!

Golden Retrievers have heavy coats that shed !

The glory of the Golden Retriever is that lustrous golden coat, the flowing golden plume of a tail and the well feathered outline. Good coats need good management and although the Golden Retriever is not a truly long haired breed they do have a very thick coat and sheds hairs with a vengeance, especially during their regular moults. Golden Retriever hairs are adept at working their way into any fabric surface, carpets, clothes, soft furnishings etc... and are notoriously difficult to remove - this is not the ideal breed for the house-proud!

Golden Retrievers need regular grooming to prevent mats forming in the coat particularly in their arm pits and the feathering around their ears, back end and tail, a really thorough brushing through must be done at least weekly and preferably more often. To look their best Golden Retrievers should be trimmed every few months and unless you know or want to learn how to trim, it is best to take your dog to a professional groomer. As Golden Retrievers grow older their coat often becomes heavier and rather woolly, this is also true of neutered dogs and bitches even at a young age, and more regular trimming is needed to keep them neat, tidy and comfortable.

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