Golden Retrievers - The right puppy


Golden Retrievers are are legendary chewers who can wreak havoc in the home

Golden Retrievers are great chewers

By nature and because they are bred to retriever Golden Retrievers are "mouthy" dogs, that is to say that they use their mouths for most of the things that give them pleasure - and chewing gives them more pleasure than most things. Golden Retrievers have large, powerful jaws and they love to chew, they love to chew bones, sticks, doors, window frames, shoes, books, toys in fact anything is fair game. A bored Golden Retriever is capable of almost limitless destruction in the home and garden. As puppies most breeds will chew and some breeds tend to "grow out of it" but be warned! Golden Retrievers do not. Chewing is often at its worst at about 8-12 months of age as the adult teeth are well bedded in and with the Golden Retriever the novelty never really wears off. From puppyhood until they are well aware of the rules, Golden Retrievers will need to be supervised to prevent damage to the home and garden and to avoid causing injury to themselves. Appropriate"safe" toys need to be provided as well as good quality raw marrow bones and your pet encouraged to chose these in preference to furniture or other household and garden items. Inappropriate chewing must be curtailed immediately and not treated as funny or endearing even where a young puppy is concerned. As an owner it is your responsibility to ensure that valuable items are not left lying around the house or garden and to accept that damage done to your home by your pet is your fault for being, absent, negligent or careless. Most Golden Retrievers are good companions who do try to do the right thing and want to please, it is the job of their owner to kindly and firmly ensure that they understand what constitutes the "right thing" and that takes time, patience and most of all consistency.

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