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Big dogs

Golden Retrievers are large strong dogs who need to understand the rules!

Golden Retrievers are happiest in the home

Golden Retrievers are big dogs

Whilst the Golden Retriever has a reputation for being a soft "family" dog, it is worth remembering that these are also large, powerful, energetic dogs capable of rough and boisterous behaviour. An adult Golden Retriever male will weigh up to 75lb and stand around 24" (61 cm) at the shoulder, bitches are slightly smaller weighing up to 65 lb and standing up to 22" (56cm) at the shoulder. A dog of this size who pulls on the lead when walking is a misery to exercise, out of control a dog of this size is a liability more than capable of bowling people over or knocking them down. What this means for the dog owner is training and control, it is simply irresponsible to allow a large dog such as the Golden Retriever to run riot. Do not underestimate the commitment and time which needs to be dedicated to training a young dog, teaching manners and good behaviours and ensuring that he or she acts in a safe and socially acceptable way at home and in public. If you are considering a Golden Retriever as a pet think about the size of such a dog in the home, (especially if you plan to use a crate or indoor kennel -it will have to be very large) in the car and the higher cost of feeding and veterinary care that larger dogs demand. Also consider the prospect of a large and very muddy dog returning to the house a couple of times each day from his or her walks and give some thought to how you will cope with the sheer quantity of mud and dirty water that a Golden Retriever can bring home from their daily constitutionals.

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