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Mastamariner Spitfire
Our Red Tricolour
Born 15/10/2006

Spitfire is aptly named, small, very fast, very clever and indefatigable. However, unlike her namesake she is very gentle, tolerant and affectionate. Spitfire has a lovely line behind her, she is great grand daughter of our wonderful Cider, a grand daughter to the gorgeous Esther and a daughter of the exquisite Petra, her father was our Hercules - and Border Collies don't come better than that!

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Mastamariner Spitfire

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I was captivated by her sheer beauty; she was slimly built with a beautifully proportioned body and graceful curves just where they should be. In every way ..... she looked the dream of what one sought.
The Right Honourable The Lord Balfour of Inchyre, PC, MC, Under Secretary of State for Air, 1938-1944 writing of the Supamarine Spitfire



Spitfire has always stood out in a crowd, it is not just her unusual colouring but also her delightful habit of working her way into everyone's affections



Fast asleep - just a baby


About to get into trouble!



Learning to be desk puppy



Getting into trouble again


With her Grandmother Esther


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4 Generations.

(back) Esther and her mother Cider
(front) Spitfire and her mother Petra


Proud and doting Mother

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Of anyones puppies





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Spitfire with a selection of her children


Spitfire grew from an irresistible baby into an irresistible adult. Effusive and electric with boundless energy tempered by good sense and a level head, spitfire has an insatiable appetite for learning new skills whether it be agility, new heelwork moves or trick for the sake of tricks. Spitfire passed her Bronze, Silver and Gold Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme tests without a backward glance and is a prize student of all discipines. Far more important than her cleverness or aptitude, Spitfire is clever, lovable and very sweet, she is a perfect companion a friend to those in need, a mentor to the young and a charmer of all she meets.

Spitfire's pedigree

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