Preparing for puppy.


Puppy - golden retriever Dusty with au pair Anna


Puppy's bones are very soft and repetitive stress can cause serious damage leading to a lifetime of pain and veterinary treatment. Running up and down stairs is not only dangerous from the perspective of Puppy suffering a fall but also puts unacceptable strain on developing limbs and joints, particularly shoulders. If your house has stairs fit a good strong child gate to prevent Puppy using the stairs until she is big enough and strong enough to do so safely at about a year old. If the bars on the child gate are too far apart so that puppy can fit through, visit your local garden centre and purchase some plant trellis, the plastic coated, heavy wire type, attach this to the stair gate and any other vulnerable gates with strong cable ties (the sort that tighten right up and can't be loosened), buy plenty of ties so that if puppy chews them you can quickly replace them.

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