Border Collie and Golden Retriever Photographs
Border Collie Puppy Album

Our albums contain a small selection of our photographs and artwork and we hope you enjoy sharing our special puppy moments with us. Please do not steal our images
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Please do not steal our images, if you would like to use an image, see the notes the bottom of this page.

Just plain cute
Ears! What Ears!
Just thinking
Sleepy Pup
Agility - early learner!
Butter wouldn't ...
Tip-toe in the Snow
My Shoe
Dreamy Puppy
Puppy Head
My Food
Fast Asleep
Blue and Beautiful
What are you staring at?
Aunty Isis' tail!
Of course I'm gorgeous
Mischief? What Mischief?
Can't be bothered
Groom Me!
Play with me!
Snow Pup
Tug O' War
Where are my Presents?
My Bone
Choc Drop
Me and my Mates
Feeling Blue
So you blow in this end!
Has Father Christmas been yet?

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Golden Retriever Puppy Postcards

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