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Border Collies and their Junior Handlers

Junior Handling is a skill not dissimilar to dressage in horses, in Junior handling it is not the conformation working quality or sporting ability of the dogs that is assessed but the skill, refinement, harmony and precision with which the young people handling the dogs execute complex patterns whilst maintaining rapport and a sympathetic relationship with their canine partners. It is unquestionably a fact that these skills transfer seamlessly to the show ring often making the youngest handlers the most skilled and Proficient at the highest level of showing.

Jane Cryer and her Border Collies

I am endebted to Miss Jane Cryer for the following information about Junior Handling.
Jane's numerous handling acheivements include;
Pedigree Junior Handler of the Year 2002
YKC Show Handler of the Year 2002
represented the UK in the Pedigree International Junior Handler of the Year Competition at Crufts 2002
in which she was runner up.

Jane Cryer handling a Border Collie at
The World Show

Many dog show societies schedule junior handling classes at their shows. These classes are exclusively
for juniors and are judged on how well the Junior Handlers the dog. There are two junior handling
organisations:the Junior Handling Association (JHA)and the Young Kennel Club (YKC). Every year, juniors try to gain a 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a JHA qualifying handling class to qualify for membership of the JHA
and the Junior Handler of the Year semi finals at Richmond Championship Dog Show show.

Russell Henley and Molly (Mastamariner Africa Queen)
qualified for the Junior Handler of the Year semi finals

The winners of the different groups are invited to compete at the Pedigree Stakes Finals in January for the title of 'Junior Handler of the Year'.
The YKC holds a similar competition at Crufts for which, the qualification is still under development.

For more information: contact Shelly Parker (YKC)

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