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Dog Handling

Handling patterns can be very complex

Adult handling was a natural follow on to the popular and successful junior handling competitions that produce such a high standard of co-ordination and sympathetic partnering between dog and handler.

Dog Handling

Any breed of dog can be used in handling

In Competative Handling the handler is required to present the dog to the judge expertly and appropriately for the dog's breed, the handler may be asked to show the dog's teeth to the judge and to answer questions about the breed, canine anatomy and presentation of dogs in general. The handler will then be asked to handle the dog performing whilst figures (as in equine dressage), some very complex, with precision and control.

Dog Handling

Presentation is everything

More Handling classes are being scheduled at general breed open shows throughout the country. The hobby is gaining popularity as it can be enjoyed equally by handlers with dogs of any breed not just by the athletic or very biddable breeds that predominate in performance sports such as agility.

Dog Handling

Dogs of all shapes and sizes

In handling competitions it is the skill of the handler in presenting their dog that is on test not the conformation qualities of the dog, so this is a hobby that can be enjoyed at any level by "pet" owners as well as the "show" fraternity.

Dog Handling

Big dogs ....

Basic handling can be learned at any local Ring Craft club, (Ring Craft is the art of dog showing) however Competative Handling is a more skilled affair with its own set of rules and requirements.

Dog Handling

and little dogs

For more information about Competative Handling contact Mrs Jaqui Hurley President of the UK Dog Handlers Association by clicking here.

Dog Handling

Setting up a table dog under the eye of the Judge

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