Border Collie and Golden Retriever Activities

A little Border Collie Mermaid

Border Collie Deborah swimming head on

Deborah in the Water

Some dogs do everything with grace

Deborah takes everything in her stride and swimming is no exception. Always the lady she just gently goes with the flow in her usual elegant and enchanting way.

Border Collie Deborah swimming with water wings

Not many dogs actually go to sleep whilst swimming but Deborah can do that! Deborah also believes that floating is far more elegant than thrashing about.


Water wings for little angel!

Border Collie Deborah swimming with lifejacket
Border Collie Deborah floating


With a life jacket Deborah can just float


And without a life jacket Deborah can just float (with a little help from her friends)

Border Collie Deborah swimming
Border Collie Deborah swimming


And even floating unaided


but then we tend to sink

Border Collie Deborah shaking whilst swimming
Border Collie Deborah shaking after swimming

Shaking in the water ...



is never as effective as shaking out of the water

Border Collie Deborah thanking her swimming instructor

Deborah thinks swimming is very chic, especially as it requires so little effort, just a little buoyancy and a little balance and she can bob about for ages. In spite of Deborah's genteel approach, regular swimming has kept her trim and in condition whilst the countryside was closed and even tired her out (a little).

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