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what is a border collie

The term Border Collie is often used to describe a variety of collie (sheepdog) type dogs. In fact the border collie is a pure breed and only pure bred dogs who are registered with either the Kennel Club or the International Sheepdog Society (ISDS) may correctly be referred to as Border Collies. An unregistered dog of "border collie type" is often called a working sheepdog (WSD) and may have come from pure bred border collie parents but for some reason was never registered or may be a cross-breed or mongrel which looks like a border collie. WSDs are often available from casual breeders or from farms very cheaply and may not have been bred with health, temperament and type in mind.

The Border Collie originated in the English Scottish borders and emerged as a distinct breed just over 100 years ago. The breed represents the finest and most controlled sheepdog in the world, whose ability to work closely into the flock as well as drive makes it unique . In addition to sheep work the Border Collie is also an outstanding cattle dog and will instinctively work to herd any form of stock (including people).

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